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Spy Video Car: $79+

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Spycar All children wish they could spy on their sibling at some point or another. While I don’t condone spying, I will tell you that the Spy Video Car is a great spy tool because it is surprisingly quiet and drives very smooth on both carpet and hardwood floors.  Our testers, ages 8-9, agreed that the Spy Car is ‘perfect in every way’.  We found that as long as there are no obstructions in the path of the car the video reception is good up to 75 feet.  When the driver was in a closet or tried to steer the car through a few rooms further and further away, the video reception would be good up to about 60 feet which is fine for most homes
The components are well made and were put to the test with several ‘accidental’ falls down stairs, the antennas were tugged on, and unfortunately the Spy Car had the opportunity to ‘drink’ some juice at least once.

The Spy Video Car includes a headset, screen and hand-held controller.  The Spy Video Car requires 12 AA batteries so I recommend purchasing a battery charger and rechargeable batteries.

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