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Rose Petal Cottage

by Alicia in Age 1-3, Age 3-5, Age 5-7

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The age on the box says 3 years and up but at 19 months, Madelyn LOVES
sitting in it, playing with the stove, and putting her baby in the cradle.

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The Rose Petal Cottage was a breeze to put together. Complete with step by step instructions, and pieces that snap together it took one adult about 20 minutes to construct the Rose Petal Cottage.
The poles used to build the frame of the house are thick, durable metal which make the house very sturdy.  The frame is then covered with double sided fabric. Both the outside and inside of the cottage or decorated as they should be complete with hardwood looking floors, windows, vines on the outside, a chimney, and a dutch door.

The cottage can be set up with the two halves placed side by side for an open structure or put together to form a regular home-like structure.

Madelyn loves to make soup on and bake cookies in the fiberboard stove that has knobs that really turn and an oven door that really opens.  Madelyn also enjoys the cradle and changing table. She tried to sit in the cradle herself when she first saw it, but then realized that it wasn’t so easy to get out of so she decided the cradle was best for her baby doll.  She loves to put baby on the changing table and act like she is changing baby’s diaper. Without the Rose Petal Cottage, I don’t think we would have seen this creative, nurturing side of Madelyn at such a young age. It’s a joy to see her taking care of baby, cooking food and rocking baby to sleep in her cradle while she "shooshes" us so baby will doze off.

There are several accessories available for the Rose Petal Cottage including a Makin’ Muffins Baking Set, and a Rose Petal Lounge Chair.  The Rose Petal Cottage is perfect for your little girls bedroom or playroom. Just make sure that she understands that her little friends are going to want in too so get ready to share!

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