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“Room-A-Day Giveaway” sweepstakes

by Alicia in New posts

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Would you like to transform a room of your house into a peaceful meditation room, a play room, an office, or maybe a room with sound proof walls where you can go when you need to scream*?  You have a chance to win $25,000 to renovate any room in your house! 

From January 28 to February 15 2008, one person per weekday will be announced on The View and win $25,000 to renovate any room in their house (cozy new living room or spa bathroom?). That is 16 $25,000 winners!!  The final contestant winner will be announced March 21st on the "Room-a-Day
Giveaway" website. Contestants can enter the sweepstakes daily by
filling out tear pads that will be distributed at retail stores
nationwide or via http://www.roomadaygiveaway.com/.

Good luck!

Click the widget below to enter the Room-A-Day-Giveaway contest or click on the Room a Day Giveaway link above.

*I’m not sure if the giveaway covers sound proof walls. :) It would be nice though.

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