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Projection Clock With Weather Forecaster: $59.99

by Alicia in Bedtime, Electronics, Fun stuff for parents

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Oregon Scientific has some great clocks that I want to share with you. 

This clock sets itself to the U.S. Atomic Clock, using radio waves for
split-second accurate time. The projection light can be rotated by to
90 degrees to offer a unique way to read time in the middle of the
night by casting the time in glowing red numbers on the ceiling or
virtually any flat surface.

When I wake in the morning I look up to the ceiling and not only do I see the time but I see the outdoor temperature as well.  With the temperature varying so much here in Atlanta, it is nice to know what the temperature is outside before getting Sebastian ready for school and without having to go downstairs and outside.  One more than one occasion, when Sebastian arrived home from school, he let me know that he didn’t need to wear his three layer jacket I demanded he wear because I thought it was cold outside. In addition to displaying the outdoor temperature, this clock displays a forecast image so you have an idea what the weather will be like that day.  How neat!

Everyone here who tested the Oregon Scientific clocks for review really enjoyed the projection and weather features.

The only aspect of this clock that I am not thrilled with is the fact that it can’t be illuminated 24/7 but only with the press of a button. This makes it difficult to view the time during the day.

Other features include an  8 minute snooze and crescendo alarm and an on screen calendar.

We have several Oregon Scientific clocks to giveaway. They are NOT the same as this clock but they are all projection clocks.  We will start the giveaway soon so visit daily and join our mailing list using the sign up form at the top of the site to be notified when we start the giveaway.


Click here to browse Oregon Scientific’s selection of projection, weather, and regular clocks.

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