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Little Tikes toys

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We recently received three Little Tikes toys to share with you and I can’t express in writing how much they have been enjoyed around here!

Little Tikes Push & Ride Doll Walker

Madelyn, 19 months, has enjoyed pushing the Little Tikes Push & Ride Doll Walker all over the place. She puts her stuffed squirrel (yes, you read it right) on the back, herself on the front and takes off.   The low seat makes it easy for Madelyn to get on and off while the high back ensures that she doesn’t fall backwards while going for a ride.

Little Tikes Cook n’ Learn Kitchen
Littletikes_kitchenDespite the fact that Madelyn has never cooked a meal (she’s 19 months), she finds her very own kitchen fascinating.  She loves to cook soup, bake cookies, flip eggs, and make drinks for all of her friends.  Little Tikes has taken the traditional play kitchen one step further with their Cook ‘n Learn Interactive Kitchen Set.  This kitchen not only gives Madelyn something to do while I am cooking, but it is teaching her counting skills, colors, shapes, numbers, veggies and more while she plays.  Although she is a little young to enjoy the benefits of the ‘Learning Mode’, she loves the ‘Free Play Mode’.  The Cook ‘n Learn Interactive Kitchen set includes 4 food
sets: Cupcakes &
Cookies Set, Pasta Set, Birthday Cake Set, and a Pizza Set as well as dishes, utensils, and of course.. pretend food. 

Littletikes_jumperLittle Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

A bouncer in the backyard is every child’s dream.. so I’ve heard. Our testers ages 3 – 9 years old agreed that this is hands down their favorite large outdoor toy of 2007-2008.  The 7×6 bouncing area and big slide with protective rails make for hours of fun in the backyard or on any soft, safe surface.
Not only is the Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer great for families who have a small backyard and don’t want
a trampoline taking up their entire yard but for parents who are tired of renting a bouncer for $400 a day for each of their kids birthdays! This bouncer takes up about 12×9 feet when inflated and inflation takes just about one minute which is great for busy parents.

We only allow two kids in the bouncer at a time and they have to be around the same age. Don’t leave young children in the bouncer without supervision.

Click the picture below to learn more about these products and more at the Little Tikes website.

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