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Digital Voice Recorder: $149

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When I received this Sony Digital Voice Recorder to review, I knew right away that it isn’t an ordinary recorder.. and is definitely not like the recorder I had when I was young which is the last time I used one.

Dory from Finding Nemo is a distant cousin of mine and we share the same short term memory loss problem.  My mother will call to remind me to register Sebastian for baseball and she will ask me how I am going to remember what she just told me. Pretty bad.  Now I can record a remind while we are on the phone.. she is finally convinced I will remember.  Being small enough to fit in a pocket, enables me to carry the digital recorder with me anywhere, anytime.  Once a day I download my recordings using the USB cord and cradle.

  • Great for when you think of something important while driving.Digitalrecorder2_2
  • Record your child singing her favorite song.
  • Dad can take it to the PTA meeting so you can listen to everything later.
  • Record your parent teacher conference so you can listen to it again later.
  • Note important dates such as doctor’s appointments without having to write them down while standing at the receptionists desk.
  • You can file messages/recordings in folders directly on the recorder. I have one folder for personal reminders, one for work, and one for the kids.

Another really fun feature of this digital voice recorder is the alarm.  I recorded ‘Wake up Sebastian!’ and set the alarm for 6:20a.m. and he was awakened by me without me in the room. He thought he was hearing things.  Why not record a romantic message for your husband to hear when he walks in the door in the evening.  What a great Valentine’s Day idea!  You just have to know when he will be home so you can set the alarm feature.

This is a great tool for the tech savvy parent.  I have to admit I was a bit intimidated by all of the buttons and functions at first but I learned to use and appreciate them in no time.

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