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Cranium Bloom: Let’s Go to the Zoo Seek & Find puzzle

by Alicia in Age 3-5, Age 5-7, Educational Toys

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Cranium® Bloom™
is a new line of games, books, puzzles, and toys for preschoolers ages 3+ and they are so much fun!
We tried out the Cranium® Bloom™ Let’s Go to the Zoo Seek & Find puzzle and the Cranium® Bloom™ Let’s Play Count & Cook game.

Let’s Go to the Zoo Seek & Find puzzle is not just a puzzle but a seek and find game as well making it a puzzle that your preschooler will want to put together and play over and over again.  The puzzle pieces are large for little hands, and the picture is made up of whimsical, vibrant images of zoo animals.

Get a closer look at Cranium® Bloom™ products below.

First your preschooler will piece together the puzzle. Then you will choose a book of cards, beginner or advanced. Each book includes 15 seek & find cards that show an image or a color for your child to find in the puzzle.  Three year olds should start with the beginner book which asks the child to find things like ‘something blue’, and ‘3 lions’. The color or the requested image is shown on the card so your preschooler can use the card as a reference.  The book and cards in next level, advanced, request that your child find things like ‘something that starts with a Z’ and ‘5 bananas’.
When your child finds the requested color, or image(s) she uses the included erasable pen to circle it, then you move on to the next card in the book until all of the images or colors in the book are found.

Cranium® Bloom™ products are available at or on the
Cranium® website.

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