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JumpStart World

by Alicia in Age 5-7

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JumpstartFive years ago I bought my then 3 year old his first JumpStart computer game. I remember thinking the game was so great because Sebastian didn’t have to know how to use the keyboard buttons or the mouse in order to play the game. He could press any button on the keyboard to play that particular game. From then on, JumpStart was the brand I went to first when shopping for computer games because I knew that JumpStart really cared and thought about what toddlers and older kids want and need in a computer game. 

Now, five years later, Sebastian has gone through several JumpStart games and has enjoyed all of them.  You know how kids have short attention spans right?  Sebastian will sit down and play his JumpStart computer games for about 30 minutes when he usually pays attention to a game for about 10 minutes max.

Sebastian’s (8 years old) comments on JumpStart World 1st Grade:

  • Sebastian ‘really likes that he can use the keyboard arrow keys to move around the town and elsewhere’.
  • ‘Mom, I get to be a real newspaper reporter!’.. That’s what Sebastian said to me the first time he played JumpStart World 1st Grade.  He was so excited about the newspaper ‘game’ and that the interface looked like a real newspaper. He felt so cool!
  • Sebastian earns ‘gems’ for each game or unit that he completes successfully. He likes to check his gem count!

JumpStart World games come with two Adventure Packs and parents can subscribe to updates so as soon as your child completes an Adventure, or at least once each
month, a new Adventure Pack will automatically download to your
computer and your credit card will automatically be charged.

JumpStart World games are available for grades K through 2nd. Parents can buy the CD version or the downloadable version from the website.

WEBSITE: JumpStart

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