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ImagiPLAY A Day on the Farm Wooden Playset

by Alicia in Age 1-3, Age 3-5, Wooden Toys

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Imagiplay_adayonthefarmI love classic wooden toys. They remind me of my childhood days when I had no idea what responsibility was.
ImagiPLAY’s wooden toy sets are safe, colorful, simple, and full of fun. 

Every toy ImagiPLAY produces is earth friendly, child safe and people  kind.  ImagiPLAY tests every material and paint
in their products to insure it meets or exceeds US and European standards.

ImagiPLAY’s wooden playsets are hand-painted and hand-crafted from rubberwood which is an eco-friendly hardwood and you know what is really great?  They don’t make noise!  You won’t hear a single moo or oink from these wooden animals.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard ‘oink oink’ 50 times in a row when Sebastian was little, 7 years ago.  Madelyn doesn’t have a single noise making animal toy which I am very proud of and thankful for.  I think there is a time and place when it is OK for children to have toys that make noise, but pretend play isn’t one of them. Isn’t the point of pretend play for the child to pretend and use their imagination?  I want to hear Madelyn’s ‘moos’ and ‘oinks’!

Small enough to travel with you to Grandma’s house, ImagiPLAY’s wooden playsets are easy to a toy that your child will play with for a long time. Your child can have an entire world of ImagiPLAY wooden playsets including a Noah’s Ark,  Arctic Expedition, and A Day in the Kingdom playset. Each playset will teach your child something about a different culture, lifestyle, or time period.

Where to buy: ImagiPLAY

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