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by Alicia in Fun stuff for parents

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All the best for your family.  That is what Cookie is all about. The best tips, articles, shopping resources, and ideas.. for parents.

The cover of the December issue of Cookie dons a photograph of super-model Christy Turlington and her two children. What is really great about the photograph and the magazine in general is that it appeals to ‘real parents’, like you and I.

A couple of examples of how real Cookie are two of this month’s headlines. My favorite headline in this month’s issue is "61 gifts from just $5", then there is the "Get back in the mood" headline which is VERY appealing to most moms as we seem to have a hard time with ‘the mood’.

I know you will find Cookie very entertaining, useful, and fun like I have.  Besides giving parenting advice and tips, Cookie introduces us to the cutest baby clothes, toys, maternity wear and more that we might not have learned about otherwise.

The accompanying website features great resources
including contests, gear and goodies, food and parties, and many more.

Cookie Subscription$24/2 years (savings of $60!)

WEBSITE: Cookie Mag website

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