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Child ID Kits & Safety Products

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Chickandcubs_braceletYour child is the most precious thing in the world to you right?  Do you have a child ID kit for each of your children in case of emergency?  Studies show that over 80% of parents don’t have any official form of identification for their children.  I had a hard time believing that to be true but when I questioned several of my ‘mom friends’ I found the percentage to be more like 90%.   

Unfortunately, a lot of parents aren’t aware that child ID kits, and other child safety products are easy to purchase online at stores like   Please help spread the word to your mom friends!

Chicks and Cubs offers a wide range of child safety products including ID bracelets like the blue one you see here, car seat ID cards, and everyday ‘carryable’ ID cards. These are just a few of the child safety products available through Chicks and Cubs. 

Chicks and Cubs child safety products are affordable, durable, and best of all easy to ‘set up’ and use.   We had an eight year old test the bracelet and he found it to be very comfortable.  The bracelet is a great safety product to put on your child when going to the mall, or airport for example and ALL parents should have a copy of their child’s ID in their car, purse, and diaper bag.

Visit Chicks and Cubs to learn more about child safety identification kits and to purchase yours today.

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