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Book review: Crawling, A Father’s First Year

by Alicia in Books

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Crawling_bookElisha, a children’s book author turned father.. a father who once didn’t like children or parents, presents his first year of fatherhood in this  humorous, ‘real-life’, chronological book of essays.

Crawling was a fun and easy read. Usually I have a hard time reading more than seven or eight pages in one sitting, but I sat on the couch and read this book while I had five family members plus my own two children rattling on around me.  I was so enthralled with this book that I was able to tune out the chaos around me.

Elisha starts the book in a way that I’m sure most new father’s would describe their delivery, he wanted to call 911 but they were already at the hospital.

I especially enjoyed the story about Elisha and Zoe’s walks around the Berkley campus.  While Elisha wears Zoe in the carrier, Zoe ‘steers’ him around the Berkley campus by holding his pointer fingers like motorcycle handle bars.. you’ll have to buy the book to read about the really funny experience they had with a metal poll while walking one day!

A bunny orgy, The first time I drowned my daughter in milk, and The snot suction thing. These are the titles of a few Crawling essays.  The humor and reality reach beyond the essay/chapter titles. Elisha draws readers in and keeps them in with his easy to relate to and tell-all writing style.

I recommend that all new and experienced parents add Crawling to their reading list.

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