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More great School Zone products

by Alicia on October 19, 2007 in New posts

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3d_schoolzoneFlash cards with 3D lenticular printing

These are so neat. These holograph cards are sure to get the attention of your 3-5 year old. They will make learning time extra fun. 

The ‘holograph’ printing allows multiple images to appear on each of the 26 letter flash cards. As your child moves a card back and forth, the image of the letter and the picture representing the letter will be seen.
These flash cards will provide your 3-5 year old with must needed reading readiness skills.  Madelyn loves the 3D cards, but because she is too young to appreciate the alphabet, her favorite part of the 3D Think & Blink Alphabet cards is the carrying case. She loves to put the cards in and take them out and carry them around the house. That is not what’s important here though.
These days our kids are surrounded by action and excitement and sometimes we need to approach education the same way to keep their attention. The holograph ‘action’ will keep your child’s attention while she is learning to identify beginning sounds, alphabet order, and letter recognition.

These fun, unique, and educational cards are only $6.99 and I don’t think you will find anything else like them.

WEBSITE: School Zone

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Green Baby October 25, 2007 at 3:52 am

We want to connect and introduce our “Green Baby” DVD to you.
Green Baby is an inspirational DVD created for babies and children to encourage an appreciation for Mother Nature.
The DVD features babies playing in nature while interacting with fun and colourful animation.
The soundtrack is composed of peaceful world music from different cultures with toddler’s voices delivering positive messages about peace, love, joy and harmony.
Check out the CTV national news story in our “green room” at:

Please help spread the word.

“Green Baby” is the healthy alternative to “baby einstein”.


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