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Luvs diaper review

by Alicia in Diaper Bags

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While we are waiting for Madelyn’s Seventh Generation diapers to arrive, I decided to try Luvs diapers instead of the usual Huggies or Pampers we use for backup.
That was a mistake. When I got Madelyn out of bed this morning, she was soaking wet! Yuck!!
Madelyn is 17 months and wears a size 4 diaper. She didn’t drink anymore last night than any other night so I can’t blame the overflow on more liquid consumption.

I would rather pay a few cents more per diaper than have to spend time in the morning giving Madelyn a bath, undressing her bed, washing her bedding, then putting the bedding back on.   It seems like I would spend more money on water consumption (from washing her bedding) than by spending a little more on better diapers.

I will stick to our favorite diaper brand, Seventh Generation from now on. I just have to order them sooner so we don’t run out again.

This is where I buy Seventh Generation diapers.

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