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De-humidifying Dry Egg

by Alicia in New posts

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You’re probably asking yourself, what the heck is a dehumidifying dry egg?  It’s actually pretty cool.

Dryegg1Too much moisture in your baby’s nursery, your laundry room or closets is not good.  The Dry Egg can take care of excess humidity by sucking it
in just by sitting in the environment you want to protect.  The egg turns pink when it is full of moisture. So what do you do with the egg when it is full?  Don’t throw it away!  You simply remove the egg from the holder and place it in the microwave for about 10 minutes to dry it out.  When the egg is dry the indicators will return to blue. 

The egg helps remove excess moisture and damp from the air. Which in turn reduces mold, mildew and other musty odors.  All in a pretty egg shaped package.

Don’t be fooled, this egg is dense and sturdy unlike real eggs.
Besides being a functional nursery, laundry room, or closet item, it is pretty neat looking.

The DreamBaby De-humidifying Dry Egg makes a thoughtful and unique baby shower gift.

You can purchase the DreamBaby De-humidifying Dry Egg here.

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