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GoodnitesBedwetting is a fact of life for 20% of 4-12 year olds. I wonder if most parents are aware that they can make the situation more comfortable for their child by giving him or her the opportunity to wear comfortable nighttime protection that doesn’t look or feel like a diaper?  If Sebastian (now 7) wet the bed I wouldn’t have a problem at all, with him wearing GoodNites because they are so much like regular underwear and boxers that he probably wouldn’t care.   

You can see to the right that GoodNites are available in a traditional Underpants style as well as a Boxer style. I  think the boxer style is an awesome idea.  The boxer style features custom protection zones just like the underpants style.

You can buy GoodNites at your local grocery store, and online at stores like or

Get the facts about bedwetting at the website.

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