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Cupcake pettiskirt

by Alicia on September 6, 2007 in Age 0-1 year, Age 1-3, Age 3-5, Age 5-7, Age 7-10, Baby & Kids Clothing

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Hoenshelcouture_skirt1 Madelyn LOVES her pettiskirt from Hoenshel Couture. Watching her walk around the house in her pettiskirt is the cutest thing.  I thought she might be bothered by all the fluff, but she loves it. She smiles so big when she runs her hands through her pettiskirt and spins around to see the ruffles go up and down.

The Cupcake pettiskirt is made of 50 yards of super soft fluff.  Think know when your on an airplane and you fly through a cloud?  The pettiskirt fabric doesn’t irritate Madelyn’s sensitive baby skin,or snag on everything she walks by like some fabrics we’ve had experience with.

I can totally see Madelyn wearing her pettiskirt at Sebastian’s baseball game practice! How cute would that be?  This gorgeous petticoat ruffle skirt would work great for costume, photo portrait prop, birthdays, special event, pageant wear, sports wear or casual wear, or dress-up.

Your princess deserves her own pettiskirt from Hoenshel Couture.  Sizes range from newborn all the way up to size 10.  If only I could get away with wearing one of these!

If you aren’t thrilled about the colors of this pettiskirt, Jamie will work with you to design a custom 50 yard pettiskirt that has the colors that you or your child prefer.  I am really enjoying the Cupcake style because there are so many colors in it.. Madelyn can wear her pettiskirt with just about any color baby tee and she has lots of baby leggings that top of the look!

After Madelyn wore her pettiskirt in the yard last week, naturally it got a few specs of dirt on it and I freaked. Much to my surprise, it’s maching washable.  That’s the icing on top of the cupcake!!  Ha ha!

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hollyhope February 29, 2008 at 10:01 pm

You can purchase pettiskirts at as well as the tops and pants to match at a great price! And they will ship anywhere. If a group wanted to get together and place an order, the website has great customer service! They also do discounts for large orders! And right now I just found out is having a huge sale on last years fall and winter merchandise. Everything is 50% off including Jottum. This is the first I have ever seen Jottum on sale at 50%!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know of any other web sites having great sales like this?


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