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Birth announcments, party favors, and invitations

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Keepsakeconcepts_2The smell of hot chocolate reminds you of your trip to Aspen.  The taste of lemonade reminds you of your beach house. Oh wait.. that’s not real life. Let me start over.

The crayon on the wall reminds you of when little Sally was five, the red juice stain on the carpet reminds you of when she was three and the Keepsake Concepts piece on the armoire reminds you of a time before stains were memories.

Keepsake Concepts Couture Keepsakes are unique, adorable and beautifully made.. just like a baby!  With measurements of 
          4.5"L x 3.5W" your baby shower invites will not be able to hold back their ‘awww, how cute!’ reaction when they receive this invitation.  Complete with a personalized message tag attached with a miniature wooden hanger, Couture Keepsakes can be used as baby shower invitations, party favors, birth announcements, first birthday invitations and I’m sure you can come up with other creative ideas.

Each piece comes complete with a miniature wooden
hanger, miniature clothes pin, and a personalized message tag with a
variety of optional clip art to choose.

Now if Madelyn would leave her Keepsake Couture piece on the shelf and stop trying to put it on the cat, everything would be fine.

Keepsake Concepts

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