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Stop Violence in the Home Hi-Shine Lip Treatment

by Alicia in Beauty & Skin Care, Fun stuff for parents

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Bodyshopbubble There are hundreds of thousands of women in the United States who would love to have a dream as simple as mine.  But their dream is much more complex and hard to make a reality. It’s a dream of getting out of an violent situation in their home. It’s not easy to get yourself much less your children out of a violent situation. That’s why there are programs across the country that need our help to fund their campaign to stop violence in the home and The Body Shop is making it really easy for us to help.   

I love The Body Shop. I have shopped there for almost twenty years.. since I was a teenager.  Well, The Body Shop is asking for our help with their Stop Violence in the Home campaign and there is a really easy, and fun way you can participate. Buy The Body Shop’s Stop Violence in the Home Hi-Shine Lip Treatment. That’s it!  This stuff is great!  I am always a bit apprehensive about trying new lip treatments because I have super sensitive lips.. they turn bright red when I eat spicy food and put poor quality lip stick or gloss on. No kidding.  I have an appointment with the dermatologist. Anyway, this ultra-shiny, subtly scented lip gloss offers intense moisturization and conditioning for the lips which makes it great for my sensitive lips as it glides on smoothly.  Not only does this lip gloss have a great scent, and smooth texture but it is also super sexy!

Lips of all sensitivities, shapes, full or thin, color, and sizes will LOVE The Body Shop’s Hi-Shine Lip Treatment.

Proceeds (all profits) go to local campaign partners as part of The Body Shop Stop Violence in the Home Campaign.

I’ve made it easy for you to help. Click the link to go to the Hi-Shine Lip Treatment page on The Body Shop’s website, buy this product and you are helping to Stop Violence in the Home. It’s that easy. Period.

The first FIVE readers to email me with a reference to this post will get a Hi-Shine Lip Treatment FREE.. thanks, The Body Shop!

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