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Lamaze_dream_screen1The Dream Screen is one of those toys that looks like something from the future.   The clean lines and bright colors of the screen make the Dream Screen captivating. The dual motion screen plays soft
usic when activated by you or your baby.

There are three play modes.
The first is a 5 second mode. The music plays and the screen moves when baby swats the little yellow guy hanging down from the Dream Screen. You can also customize music
for baby by connecting your MP3 Player to the Dream Screen. This mode is great because it teaches baby cause and effect.
The second mode is a continuous play mode. When turned on, the Dream Screen will play music and the screen moves for 15 minutes.
The third mode is the MP3 mode. Attach your MP3 player to the back of the Dream Screen and baby can listen to her favorite tunes.

Below is a video of Madelyn enchanted by her Dream Screen. The video is pretty dark because I wanted to shoot the video at night so you can see the Dream Screen lit up.  If you look closely enough you will see Madelyn staring at the screen.


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