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School Zone interactive products

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Schoolzone_interactiveSebastian has so much fun with his School Zone Puzzle Play workbooks. I’m a computer geek so I love to see Sebastian doing something constructive on his computer.

The School Zone Interactive products include a workbook and a CD-ROM.  The workbook is full of colorful mazes and the software provides 30 creative backgrounds on which Sebastian can create his own maze puzzle. Sebastian designs the path of his maze from a "Start" point to the "Finish." Children can use a mouse to design their maze path or they can use the arrow keys. I love this feature. Some kids get frustrated with the mouse, so having the option to use the keyboard keys is great.  When Sebastian finishes his path, the computer fills in the rest of the maze with misleading and dead-end pathways.

After Sebastian creates his maze, he can solve the puzzle with a race against the clock, or a little computer guy which Sebastian prefers.

Sebastian’s second favorite Puzzle Play workbook is the Hidden Pictures. The workbook comes with over 50 colorful hidden pictures pages. The CD-ROM is a little more challenging to figure out but once your child gets it, he will have a blast!  Your child adds objects on top of a picture and then the objects magically sink into the picture. To solve the puzzle, the person playing it is shown the picture with a grid on it. By selecting coordinate points, the player can direct a funny character to dig at the point he or she selected.
To add some excitement (even more!), your child also embed goodies and gags.

School Zone Puzzle Play workbooks are geared for children ages 6-8 but we have a few 5 year old product testers use the workbooks and software and they did just fine with a little supervision.

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