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My problem with Moon Sand

by Alicia in Things I have a problem with

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MoonsandIf you have a television, you’ve probably heard of Moon Sand.  Well, I bought Sebastian some at Target as a
gift for getting stitches. I usually don’t buy things I see on TV but Sebastian was sure that he really would play with it so I got it for him. Anyway.. the Moon Sand is pretty cool. It doesn’t stick to your hands when you’re playing with it, and it really feels like sand. However… a BIG however, we can’t figure out how to make things out of the moon sand without using the molds that came with the set. From what we gather, you have to buy more molds. We tried to make things on our own out of the Moon Sand, but the sand just wouldn’t stay together. Sure you can put some in a cup and have a nice Moon Sand cup but what child wants to build a Moon Sand cup castle? 

My point is that based on the commercial we thought that we would be able to mold the sand into shapes and objects ourselves, with out their molds.

That’s what I get for buying something on those tacky commercials.

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