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Flee_cosmetics_bag1This is one of my all time favorite Mommy Gear items. Seriously. I can’t emphasize that enough.

Before I even opened my Flee Hanging Cosmetic Bag, I fell in love with the look of it. The oilcloth pattern is full of personality and because oilcloth is easy to wipe clean, I knew this cosmetic bag would be something I would use everyday.

The cosmetic bag has five pockets. The top pocket holds my lipstick, powder, liners, and other long items. The second pocket is great for toothpaste, make-up, first aid ointment, trial size shampoo and conditioner and the third pocket holds regular size lotions, face wash, and deodorant among other larger items. The bottom pocket is what I call the "secret" pocket. It holds my feminine care products.

The Flee Hanging Cosmetic Bag is great for moms who might not always take a shower in the same bathroom. Sometimes I shower in my bathroom but sometimes I use the kids bathroom so I don’t wake my husband. Since I started using the Flee Hanging Cosmetic Bag, I cause much less ruckus than before because I just have to move the bag from one bathroom to another and I’ve got everything I need!

The Flee Hanging Cosmetic Bag is something that I think will last a lifetime.  I have already used it on a vacation and got several comments on the functionality and design of the bag. The bag fits nicely in the car, folded in half or inside my suitcase.

The Flee Hanging Cosmetic Bag can hang on both a towel rod using the convenient Velcro strap, shown to the right, or on a towel hook using the bag handles.

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