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Baby On The Go – feeding set by Elegant Baby

by Alicia in Feeding - baby & kids

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Elegantbabyset1When shopping for curtains, my husband takes a pillow or throw with us to the store so he can be sure to choose curtains that match colors in the pillow or throw..EXACTLY!   He is very weird about things matching which is one reason why HE likes our new Elegant Baby ‘Baby on the go’ feeding set.  I think my reasons are better.

Madelyn feeds herself very well now (14 months). She uses dishes, utensils, cups, and plates at mealtime.  Unfortunately, until recently poor Madelyn had to use the same plates, etc, Sebastian uses. The problem with that is that Sebastian’s dishes have brightly colored characters like Spider man on them. That’s just not fair to my little girl. I am not a big character fan, so when it came time to shop for dishes for Madelyn, I was disappointed to find that most toddler dish ware is decorated with characters.

Elegant Baby’s "Baby On The Go" meal and snack feeding set alleviated Madelyn’s dish ware grief.  The color coordinated, matching, ‘Baby On The Go’ feeding set is available in soft colors including blue, pink, green, and orange and includes everything your toddler needs at mealtime.

Elegantbabyset2The meal and snack set comes in a great little carry case which is perfect for picnics, trips to Grandma’s house, or to take to a favorite friends house.

Pieces included in the set:
4 sippy cups with 8 lids
2 bowls with lids
2 fork and spoon sets
and 2 small serving cups with lids

Where to buy:  Elegant Baby

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