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Bibbitybop_placematWe are currently on vacation in Florida. We are staying at my father’s house which is on a small lake and we spend most of our time outside enjoying the scorching sun, lizards, and the beautiful lake.

Eating outside could have been a challenge because my father and step mother are not used to having children in the house and therefor do not have ‘child friendly’ utensils, tableware, etc.
Lucky for me I brought our new Bibbity Bop placemat with us to help protect the table from the mysterious globs of gunk we call food.. .that come from Madelyn’s hands and mouth. Eating time can get really gross.

What a lifesaver.
The heavy duty vinyl has come in REALLY handy. Madelyn loves to feed herself now and quite often she misses her mouth and her mushy food lands on the placemat. When we are at home, she uses a highchair so I simply remove the tray when she is finished eating and clean it in the sink. What’s easier than removing a tray?  Picking up a placemat! That’s what.

After Madelyn eats I take the placemat and hose it off. It’s as easy as that. If we were at home, I would simply wipe the placemat off with a washcloth, or paper towel.

I have to say that I am afraid Madelyn won’t want to eat in her highchair when we get home from vacation because she clearly LOVES to eat at the table with us. She looks and I can tell she feels like such a big girl sitting close to the table and using a placemat and utensils like the adults do.

What’s really great about Bibbity Bops placemats is that not only are they kid friendly with the vinyl cover, but they are available in several stylish designs that are sure to please both parents and kids.  I chose to review one of Bibbity Bop’s more adult designs so you are aware that you are not limited to child designs only.


My favorite things about this product:

  • Clear, heavy vinyl cover
  • Colorful designs
  • Designs for parents and children
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to take with you when eating out
  • Affordable enough to buy some for Grandparents house
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to clean
  • Oh, and did I say.. easy to clean?

Where to buy: Bibbity Bop

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Keep an eye out for my review of Bibbity Bop’s bibs coming soon!


About Alice, the founder of Bibbity Bop

  Alice has always loved to design and sew. In the 1990’s Alice began making vinyl bibs for her own two kids and quickly discovered that they
couldn’t manage without them. Buying beautiful kid’s fabrics became a passion, and soon
Alice had tons so she started making bibs for friend’s babies as gifts. Finally, with much encouragement from
those friends and family Bibbity Bop
  was born and  has been available in select children’s boutiques
  in the Toronto area ever since.

The items for
sale on this web site have evolved with great care, attention to detail and customer
  feed back. I am continually working on new designs, please stay tuned for new
  items and new fabric selections.

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