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Vincent Shoes. Fun, fashionable, and functional.

Sebastian has three pairs. Madelyn has two pairs. I have zero. I am waiting for Vincent Shoes to announce they are going to make shoes for adults. I LOVE their designs and am not sure how long I can go on with my kids having cooler shoes than I do.

The Vincentâ„¢ collection of kids’ shoes and children’s shoes are fun,
fashionable and functional. Based in Raleigh, NC, Vincent Shoes is the
exclusive distributor for North America of the Vincent shoe brand,
which is 100% focused on kids’ shoes and children’s shoes, including
kids sneakers, kids dress shoes, kids dress-up shoes, prewalkers, kids
indoor shoes, baby booties, kids leather boots, kids rain boots, kids
snow boots, kids rubber boots, kids slippers, kids high tops and kids

Visiting the Vincent Shoe website is like a breath of fresh air for those of us who shop online. The "model", "gender", "color", "size", and "occasion" menus make finding the perfect shoes for your kids, a snap.

Worried about getting right size?  No problem. The Vincent Shoes printable Shoe Fitter Guide will help you choose the right size shoes for your kids.

On to the shoes..

This super cute pink and purple shoe is the MARTIN.
This shoe looks great with both casual and dressy outfits.  I thought it might take Madelyn a little while to adjust to the shoe but from the minute I put the MARTIN on Madelyn, she walked with confidence.


Sebastian’s third pair of Vincent’s is the OSKAR .Vincent_oskar

Sebastian isn’t supposed to go outside without shoes on, but he hates taking the time to put them on.  What seven year old doesn’t?  The OSKAR, being the stylish and sporty sandal it is, is an easy shoe to slip on and off quickly.  When Sebastian gets home from school he takes his OSKAR’s off and puts them by the door for easy access when it’s time to go outside and  play. Just like Vincen’t’s baby shoes, their children’s shoes have great tread. Sebastian has done some of his best tree climbing in his OSKAR’s. The double velcro straps ensure that they stay on, but the sandal style gives his feet the air they need to keep his feet nice and cool.

I recommend Vincent Shoes to all my mommy friends with baby’s and older children. Their baby shoes are great for little walkers, and they even have a selection of shoes for pre-walkers.

Where to buy: Vincent Shoes

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