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T-shirts for mom

by Alicia in Clothes - mom & dad

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Ltdchix_dreamMoms have many jobs. Chauffeur, chef, house cleaner, tutor, and the list goes on. Why not express your ‘mommy job pride’ by wearing an LTDchix t-shirt made just for moms?  I do!  I feel great when I’m wearing my "Living the Dream" t-shirt from LTDchix. I feel proud and stylish at the same time. It’s funny because some days when I know I have to go run errands but the nanny is here, I wear my "Living the Dream" t-shirt just so fellow errand runners know I am a proud mommy!  No kidding.

These are not ordinary t-shirts.  This 100% cotton jersey crew neck t-shirt has contrasting trim at the neck, cuffs and hem which I think is super stylish for a t-shirt.

Feel good about yourself, and your job as a mom. Show off your mommy pride with an LTDchix t-shirt.

Where to buy: LTDchix.com

COUPON CODE: Go to , and use coupon code 24 to get 15% off your purchase.

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