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Stubby Pencil Studio – Color n’ Kids cards

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I love the look of a child’s handmade card… but as all parents know, that’s just not reality. Asking Sebastian to make a birthday card for his friend Hunter’s birthday was like asking him to unplub the ever- beloved telvision  (torture, in other words).

With the help of Stubby Pencil Studio’s cards, I am finally able to compro
mise with Sebastian when it comes to greeting cards. I pull out one of Sebastian’s Stubby Pencil Studio’s Color n’ Kids cards and feel confident that he will have an awesome card ready in just a matter of minutes. 

Stubby Pencil Studio’s Color n’ Kids cards are designed with kids in mind. The simple illustrations are perfect for little hands to color.  The cards are blank on the inside so Sebastian writes his own crazy thoughts such as "happy birthday, glad you’re not sick today"… I don’t know where these ideas come from.

Stubby_rocket1Color n’ Kids cards are not only more creative and fun than a grocery store greeting card but are also less pricey.  A set of six cards costs less than the price of two greeting cards bought at the store which can cost up to $3.50 each.

Don’t worry, you will find cards to fit your child’s personality. One of Sebastian’s favorite sets is the "Six in Space" set which comes with an "alien" card, a "rocket" card, a "star" card, and three other space related designs.

Where to buy: Stubby Pencil Studio

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