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lion was here – animal tracks baby onesie

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year

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ReviewphotographMadelyn loves our cats. When I saw’s animal track onesies, I knew right away that Madelyn should have the "lion was here" design. What’s really funny is that Madelyn is going through a pouncing stage. She will literally pounce on you if you are laying on the floor. She thinks it’s so funny to run up and ‘attack’ us with her ‘paws’. She’s just like a lion.

The Minitee’s baby onesies and toddler tee’s are a great way to show off your (and your baby’s) love of animals. Does your baby knock the lamps over all the time? Get her the ‘elephant was here’ onesie.

You will also find great designs including "I obviously got my good looks from my uncle", "grandma’s little girl", and many more on

The Minitee tee’s and onesies ensure that your baby will stand out from the crowd. These are not your ordinary "chain store" styles that you see on every other baby in town.

The Minitee’s motto is ‘to provide individuality
and quality at a modest price. Their pieces are affordable so don’t hesitate to buy a few for your baby or a friends baby today!

Where to buy: The Minitee


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