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Bebe Belay – A must have baby accessory

by Alicia in New posts

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Bebebelay1Where is Madelyn’s pacy?  Where the heck is Madelyn’s other shoe?  These are questions that either myself or my husband asked ourselves several times a day. UNTIL.. I received a Bebe Belay sample for review on The Mommy Insider. I’m not kidding, this product is something that we use everyday and in several different ways which is what is so great about it.

The Bebe Belay can be used not only as a pacifier clip, but also to keep a pair of shoes together or to make a bib when you don’t have a bib readily available. There have been several occasions when we are at my mother’s house and I forgot to bring bibs. With the Bebe Belay, I was able to ‘make a bib’ by clipping both ends of the Bebe Belay to a washcloth. It worked great! My mom was very impressed.

I think every new mom should have at least a few Bebe Belay’s in their home, a couple in the car, and a in her diaper bag. The Bebe Belay has so many uses, you won’t know how you lived without yours!

Where to buy: Bebe Belay

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