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Things I have a problem with: Frog Pod

by Alicia in Things I have a problem with

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FrogpodMy husband is the decorator in the house. He makes sure that the curtains match the pillows, the pillows match the area rug, the rug matches, the paint color, etc..

There is no exception when it comes to the kids bathroom. He bought the cutest frog and butterfly decor for their bathroom.  He didn’t leave out a thing…except storage for the kids bathtub toys.
When we saw the Frog Pod, we knew that it would be cute in the kids bathroom.  Without hesitations, we bought the Frog Pod.  Sebastian was so excited to open the Frog Pod.  He couldn’t wait.

From then on, it was a total bummer.

What I expect in a bathtub toy holder:
1. Something that sticks to the wall  – check.
2. Easy to clean – check.
3. Colorful – check.
4. Holds plenty of toys – a little check.
5. Easy to attach the toy holder to the frog — ABSOLUTELY NOT!

We couldn’t believe how difficult it was to put the toy holder on the frog. Sebastian wanted so badly to be able to do it himself but you really have to push on the back of the frog and work at it to get the toy holder back on the frog.

We returned the Frog Pod and will continue using our colorful Tupperware storage for bathtub toys until something better comes out.

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