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PLAYSKOOL Baby care products excluisvely at CVS pharmacy

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Playskool2CVS pharmacy has just introduced an exclusive line of PLAYSKOOL Baby Care products
meaning moms can now stock up on all their baby needs while picking up
prescriptions or purchasing other essentials, all in one place. The fun,
colorful line is filled with high-quality, innovative, and affordable items
that moms use everyday.

I LOVE it!   I run to CVS when I need just a few things.  At CVS, I don’t have to tote the kids around a huge store or risk having to park 1/2 a mile away from the entrance of the store.  It’s simply more convenient than the grocery store or ‘super’ store.

With the recent addition of PLAYSKOOL’s exclusive line for CVS, now when I run in to pick up paper towels, or bath wash, I can also grab a new pacifier, sippy cup, bowl with a spoon and other PLAYSKOOL products.. for Madelyn.  The selection is great.  The product selection includes Orthodontic pacifiers, Wide neck bottles,  Easy grip bowl, Cottony cloths (the world’s best baby wipes), Teething keys, Insulated No Spill Cups, Three stage nursers, and more. Playskool1

The PLAYSKOOL products I have are colorful, durable, and best of all.. dishwasher safe.

Madelyn is just now getting her first tooth and LOVES the PLAYSKOOL Teething Keys. The keys are very colorful and each key has a different textured surface so Madelyn can switch from key to key for a new feel on her gums.  The keys are filled with
non-toxic Ice Gel that remains
soft even when placed in the freezer, so it’s gentle on Madelyn’s sore
gums. Ice Gel also stays colder longer than water-filled teethers, and
won’t evaporate over time.

One of my favorite PLAYSKOOL products in this line is the Insulated No Spill Cup.  Coasters just aren’t a reality in our house. The boys toss them around like frisbee’s and Madelyn hides them in places unbeknown to me. I am all about insulated cups these days. The PLAYSKOOL Insulated No Spill Cup is perfect for a new sippy cup user and for your valuable furniture. No more "sweat" rings on your tables!

Put together a package of PLAYSKOOL products for your next baby shower gift and you are sure to be super appreciated!  🙂

I recommend that all parents check out the new PLAYSKOOL line at CVS or visit the PLAYSKOOL section on the CVS website here.

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