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A Mommy Mention: Ralph Lauren – Create your own

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year, Age 1-3, Age 3-5, Baby & Kids Clothing, Personalized

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I usually only feature products that I have actually purchased or reviewed ‘in hand’ on The Mommy Insider, but I think this line warrants a mention.

Ralphlaurenpolo_createI’m not one to spend $35 on a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt just for it to end up with sweet potato stains on it. I don’t think Polo’s have much character and I prefer to dress my kids in cute, patterns, textures, and interesting color combinations. Ralph Lauren Polo’s are however, a classic addition to a child’s wardrobe and are great to wear to picnics, visiting the grandparents, or playgroup meetings.

If you are going to buy Ralph Lauren Polo’s for your kids, why not create your own? 
When you visit the Ralph Lauren create your own section, you are able to choose the shirt (or other piece of clothing) color, size, pony color, OR monogram color and letters. You can not have the pony and a monogram. I think that would be super cute. I might even purchase one if I could do that.

You can create your own infant and baby shirts, newborn coveralls, blankets, swimsuits, oxfords, and ballcaps. 

Website  – this is a link to the ‘Create your own’ baby section

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