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TimeoutterrierI don’t know who likes our Time out Terrier more; me or Sebastian. Sebastian loves stuffed animals and when I received the Time out Terrier for review on The Mommy Insider, Sebastian seemed a little confused as to how such a cuddly stuffed animal could count the minutes that a child spends in time out which is actually NEVER! He’s a great kid.

Because Sebastian is seven years old, is a good kid, and doesn’t go to time out, we have come up with these ways to use our Time out Terrier:
1. I set the timer for how long Sebastian should brush his teeth.
2. We set a thirty minute limit on TV time.
3. When we are on a time limit, I set the timer for 10 minutes when we read stories at bedtime.
4. Sebastian loves to turn himself into a raisin in the bathtub so we set the timer to remind him to get out before he disintegrates.
5. I’ve even used the Time out Terrier as a cooking timer!

Parents and kids can choose from several Time Out Animals including Lilly the Lamb, Fernando the Frog, and Travis the Terrier.

Mom can use the Time Out Animal too!

If your child is old enough to occupy him or herself set the timer for thirty minutes, put it next to your child, and go take a nice warm bath, do some yoga, or call a friend. Explain to your child that until the timer goes off, you are not to be interrupted unless there is an emergency.  If your child is mischievous, be sure to put the Time Out Animal up high so he can’t change the timer!

Where to buy: Time out Mom

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