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by Alicia in Nursery & Room Decor

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Three of Madelyn’s walls have art on them.  The fourth wall, is empty because I got overwhelmed with all the pieces on her walls already. However, the fourth wall looked empty and lonely. I was thrilled when I got an email from Rebecca, creator of Quote the Walls requesting that I review her designs on The Mommy Insider. Rebecca allowed me, as she does any customer, to choose the quote, letter color, and font of the Quote she would send for review. After browsing dozens of quote choices, I decided on "Dream, all you need is a little pixie dust" in purple letters, and in a super cute font. Currently, there are forty fonts to choose from and dozens of quotes in categories including Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Playroom/Day Care, and more. 

These quotes are so fun. I imagine that any child with a customized quote on their bedroom or bathroom wall must feel very special.

Your quote can be as simple as your child’s name in a font and color that matches his or her personality or as complex as "
Having a place to go…is a home. Having someone to love..is a family."

Getting it on Madelyn’s wall was much easier than I thought it would be.   I waited until Ashley, our nanny, got here today then we both went to Madelyn’s room thinking we were going to be in there for at least thirty minutes. I was wrong! YEAH!  I can admit when I’m wrong.  The process was simple. I placed the quote on the wall where I wanted it, made sure it was straight and then put a few pieces of tape at the top of the quote to secure it to the wall. After I put the tape on, I flipped the quote up toward the ceiling and peeled off the back.  Once the back was off, I flipped the quote back down so it would stick to the wall. Then I used a CD case to rub the quote on nice and smooth and made sure there weren’t any air bubbles. After that I started in the top corner and slowly pulled the top layer off to reveal the beautiful purple quote on the wall!

The entire process took about 20 minutes. There were a few times when the letters didn’t come off the paper on the first try but with a little rub of my finger, it came right off! 

This product is something that I will definitely get more of for my home. Tim and I are very into hanging family photographs on the walls so we will probably order one of her family quotes very soon. I am also anxious to get a quote for Sebastian’s room.

Where to buy: Quote the Walls

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