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Holey Donuts! Ultra Low Fat Gourmet Donuts

by Alicia in Fun stuff for parents

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Holeydonuts‘Holy crap!’, ‘holy kamole’, ‘holy stinky’s!’, ‘holey donuts’!  Yes, I said Holey Donuts!!  These are a few of the ‘holy’ phrases I use every day. Holey Donuts isn’t just another phrase though, they are actually the most incredible donuts on the planet. No kidding.

The life of a parent is FAST.. to say the least. We shower fast, we dress fast (often mis-matched), we clean fast, and we cook fast. Even fast cooking is something that I don’t particularly enjoy.. especially in the morning. I love to eat warm eggs and bacon, but the whole cooking thing makes warm breakfast a rarity in our house. Holey Donuts has given me some major ‘points’ with Sebastian and Tim. Now I can pop a few donuts in the microwave and give the boys a breakfast that they are all too happy to swallow whole.  Just  few seconds of preparation, a plate, a napkin, a glass of milk, and I feel like I have completed one of the most important tasks for the day.. feeding my two boys. 

I don’t know about you but after just a few bites of the average donut I am already kicking myself in the butt. However, when I eat a Holey Donut!™, I don’t feel bad at all. Why? Because every Holey Donut!™ has under 6% total fat while the average donut contains 40-55% fat! That makes me very happy!

Holey Donuts are an awesome breakfast, mid-day snack, after school treat, or desert. Have a few dozen of your favorite gourmet donuts delivered to your door, store them in your freezer, then pop a few in the microwave and enjoy.

There are plenty of gourmet donuts to choose from including the classic Cinnamon Bun, Marble Frosted, Vanilla, Blueberry Crumb, and lots more.

The fruit filled donuts are amazing. I expected the typical jelly like filling with diluted fruit flavor but the filling in Holey Donuts’ is true to the fruit flavor, and not jelly textured.

I could go on and on, but you will have to order a dozen and try them for yourself. I know your family will love Holey Donuts. Make room in your freezer for a box and order some today!!

Where to buy: Holey Donuts

The Mommy Insider readers get $10 when you order two dozen Holey Donuts!  Use code JMP7.

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