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BabychroniclesI am all about journaling, but I am not good at keeping all of my entries in one place. I am one of those that jots notes down on little pieces of paper and then I lose the note. I have at least a dozen pieces of paper around the house with  things like "Madelyn took her first step today!" written on them but I couldn’t tell you where they are. It always seems like the right time to write a note, but I just can’t seem to keep up with them.

My project this week is to take all of my notes, which I AM going to find, and transfer them into the Baby Chronicles keepsake journal I received for review.

The format of Baby Chronicles is great.

When you open the book, the first page will feature your baby’s first photograph, name, and birth date. Next is the Table of Contents that breaks down the book by sections including "First things First" where you keep track of your baby’s first haircut, first words, etc. Another great section is the "Medical History & Development" section where parents can keep records of baby’s immunizations, growth, dental information, and more.

Mom can track her pregnancy weight gain,  stomach measurement (yeah),
and baby’s heart rate through out the pregnancy.   The next page is
where mom will show off a photograph of her pregnant belly as well as a
photograph of the family before baby arrived.  There are pages to
feature ultrasound photographs, a copy of the birth certificate, a copy
of the birth announcment.. and one of my favorite pages is titled Sign
of the Times where mom tells the current price of a newspaper, what
cars they have, price of gasoline, and more. I think that is such a
cool idea.

"I’m a Big Kid Now" is my favorite section.  I think this section will be a favorite of Madelyn’s for years to come. In this section you note what your baby’s nicknames for her favorite toys were, show her first scribbles, and talk about baby’s first vacation and travels.

Baby Chronicles is a great baby shower gift idea.

I’m in my thirties and I still like to read my baby book. I am so glad my mom kept a journal of my milestones and special moments and I can’t wait until Madelyn looks at her Baby Chronicles book and say’s "I did that?" or "where did you take me to get my hair cut mom?".  Keeping notes about your child’s development is not only useful to you but nice for them to have when they grow up and have children of their own.


Where to buy: Baby Chronicles

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