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Whiffy Bean Bags – Scented sachets

by Alicia in Fun stuff for parents

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I tried to make scented sachets for Madelyn’s armoire not to long ago. It didn’t work out to well. I used dried lavendar and those little bags with drawstrings, that you buy at the craft store.  About two days after putting a few in her armoire, there was lavendar everywhere and the pretty lavendar scent was gone.  I learned to leave it to the professionals.. Whiffy Bean Bags.

Whiffy Bean Bags will make 5" x 5" or 3.5" x 5" bean bags for you with your choice of fabric and scent from their great selection. There are dozens of fabrics to choose from including girl patterns, boy patters, whimsical, classic, and retro. Scents include Lavender, Orange, Cinnamon, and many more.

Not only can you use your Whiffy Bean Bag in your child’s dresser or armoire but these are great for diaper bags, cars, shoe closets, and even to toss around! 

I received a couple of Whiffy Bean Bag samples last week and am very impressed with the scent, the fabric and the quality of the bean bags themselves.

I think these are a great Valentine’s Day Gift for moms, sisters, and friends!

Where to buy: Whiffy Bean Bags

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