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Plane Sorter Pull Toy

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One of the toys that I remember most from my childhood is my little fisher-price pull telephone with the winn up dialer.. do you remember that one?  I LOVED it! I would pull that toy all over the house and I even took it to my Granddad’s house when I was little. I actually remember that!

Now, Madelyn (9 months) has her very own wooden pull toy plane sent to her by Tiddley Widdley that she is enjoying as much as I remember enjoying my little pull telephone. This incredible Plane Sorter Pull Toy by Boikido does it all. Not only does Madelyn pull the plane around the house, but she also plays with the three different colored passengers that each have a uniquely shaped base so she can work on learning her shapes and colors. (She’s going to be a genius!)

With the simple push of a button, the plane makes a neat flying sound so Madelyn is learning to identify that sound with the planes she see’s outside.

The bright colors, and the design, give the Boikido Plane Sorter Pull Toy a whimsical spin to the classic wooden toys we loved as children.

Wooden pull toy
Shaped like an airplane
Long, easy to hold string
Bright colors
Holds three brightly colored animal passengers with uniquely shaped bases that fit into the passenger seats
Easy push button activates flying sound
Great, durable wooden construction

Tiddley Widdley has a great assortment of other wooden toys, apparel and much more.

Where to buy: Tiddley Widdley

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