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Myself Belts – They make life a little easier!

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As most of you know, I have a seven year old son, Sebastian. Sebastian loves to be like Daddy and Daddy wears a belt.  So, Sebastian always wants to wear a belt. . just like Dad. However, he learned quickly that Dad must have a trick up his sleeve because it takes him about 5 seconds to put his belt on and it would take Sebastian about 5 minutes of spinning himself around and around in one spot before  getting his belt through all the loops and then buckling it. He was a real sport though. As long as he looked like Dad, everything was OK. The patience of a 6 year old!  I wish I had it.Myselfbeltes

Sebastian’s belt routine became a whole lot easier when he recieved a Myself Belt to try out. He caught on to the three simple steps to the Myself Belt very quickly and life has been a breeze since. (at least that few seconds, anyway)

Sebastian was able to figure out how to put on his Myself Belt the first time which really impressed me. I know your child will do the same. All the child does is snap the end of the belt around the front right belt loop to secure the belt, first. No more dangling belt. Then he slides the rest of the belt through the loops. He has since learned that standing still works a little better than spinning around and around when putting the belt through the loops. The last step is to join the ends together via the Velcro on both ends. That’s it! He’s done!!  What a relief.

I recommend a Myself Belt or two, or three, for your kids ages 2-6. Myself Belts are a great way to give your kids a sense of self accomplishment and help them look like Mom or Dad without taking forever like traditional belts.

Myself Belts are available in sizes for 2 – 6 year olds and larger sizes are available as well. Parents can choose from several styles for both boys and girls. My favorite girl belt is the Pink Cordouroy and my favorite boy belt is the Camoflauge.  Don’t worry, your kids can also have a Myself Belt for fancier occasions like Church, going to Grandma’s house, etc as they offer nice black and brown leather belts for both boys and girls.

Where to buy: Myself Belts

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