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Eneloop Rechargable Batteries

by Alicia in Electronics

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Moms.. if you take as many photographs of your kids as I do mine, batteries are a staple in your house.. and you know it can get be very costly to purchase new AA or AAA batteries once a week.

I recently received AA and AAA eneloop rechargable batteries and a charger and am very impressed. I haven’t charged the batteries yet! I take a lot of videos and photographs both for photo albums and for The Mommy Insider (previously known as Mom Finds) and am used to changing the batteries at least once a week. What’s really great is that eneloop batteries are ready to use right out of the package. I was very impressed that I could open the package, put the batteries in and click away just like with Alkaline batteries but with the added benefit of lasting a really long time.

Once your camera or other product has used all or some of the energy, eneloop can be
charged like a conventional rechargeable battery, 1000 times, before it
needs replacing. How great is that?

Once charged, eneloop retains its charged capacity even after 6 or 12 months of storage
  (90% of Charged Capacity retained after 6 months, 85% Capacity after 12 months).

available at Amazon.com, Circuit City, Ritz/Wolf Camera, Fry’s, HHGregg.

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