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Baby Pro DVD’s – Encouraging active play..

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I have a lot to say about BABY PRO DVD’s! I am really excited to share BABY PRO with you.

Most of you know that I have two kids. My son, Sebastian is 7, and Madelyn was born in May of 2006.

Sebastian was obviously an only child for many years and got A LOT of attention from us.. too much attention and not enough interactivity with other kids. Sebastian is more comfortable interacting with adults than he is with other kids which I hear is normal for only children. One unexpected issue with him being an only child for so long is that we didn’t get him involved with other children or in social activities at an early age because we wanted to be with him all of the time. He was (and still is) our baby.

So, my goal is to socialize Madelyn at a young age so she isn’t so shy and wants to be involved in social activities and sports unlike Sebastian.

I realized when I received a couple of BABY PRO DVD’s that these programs are a great first step in the socialization process.  Baby Pro DVD’s introduce baby’s to activities and sports in a very entertaining way. Baby Pro DVD’s are not overly stimulating with bright colors and fast movements. These programs feature baby’s, and older kids participating in every day activities such as tumbling, swimming, and ball sports. It has been so exciting to watch as Madelyn tries to imitate the baby’s and kids on the DVD’s when they tumble. She loves to watch the baby’s and the kids on the DVD’s.

Baby Pro DVD’s give baby’s the advantage of observing a lot of children without mom having a house full of them!

BabyPro’s DVDs are made to grow with your baby. Each video features seven chapters.  Parents can choose from a chapter with as few as ten minutes of programming or 30+ minutes of  programming. This is great for parents with more than one child as the younger baby’s with short attention spans may only want to watch 10 minutes but mom can turn on a longer chapter for the older kids with longer attention spans.


Experts are cheering BabyPro’s dynamic new addition to children’s video entertainment! Featuring sports themes from balls to cheerleading, BabyPro videos combine classical music and Baby-to-Pro
imagery to instill an early interest in healthy, active play. Created  by a Ph.D. mom, BabyPro is designed to satisfy the AAPs  recommendations for shorter viewing times and a physically active
lifestyle, so parents won’t be left feeling guilty about plopping  their little ones in front of the TV. Ages 9 months to 4 years.


Where to buy: Baby Pro Sports

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