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Sebastian, my seven year old son, loves stuffed animals. He probably has around 12-15 in his bed any given night. Sebastian has asked me on several occasions to take him to the "bear shop" in the mall.. the one where you ‘build’ your own bear (can’t say the name here). I HATE going to the mall so I have always put it off. Enter.. Ted E. Makers online shop. Ted E. Makers is a godsend to those of us who don’t like going to the mall and especially don’t like overpriced stores.

Sebastian got ‘Honey, the stuffed bear’ about a week ago and he has slept with him every night since.   His bear came in a box that can be made into a highchair for the bear.  The kit included the stuffing, a sound chip, and an outfit. Sebastian had a blast putting the stuffing in his bear (now called ‘Amazing Bear’). Amazing bear is very soft. I am very impressed with the quality of the bear.  There is ample stuffing supplied so the animal your child gets will not be flimsy but nice and firm yet still very cuddly. After Sebastian put the stuffing in, he placed the sound chip in his paw.
A really neat feature of the Ted E. Makers animals is that there is a loop of string on the zipper that parents can cut off to secure/lock the zipper so a baby or young child can’t unzip the bear and get the stuffing out.  I love this as Madelyn is VERY into zippers now and seems to be magnetically drawn to any zipper within 15 feet.

After Sebastian stuffed his bear and put the sound chip in, he dressed him in a really cool hockey

Ted E. Makers has a "Bear Boutique" where parents and children can choose from dozens of cute outfits for their animal.

Ted E. Makers does not just sell teddy bears but offers a wide variety of animals including dogs, pigs, lions, cows, and more. Your child is sure to find an animal he loves at Ted E. Makers.

Sounds you can choose from include a baby laughing, kisses, a cow, a pig, and several others.

If you want to purchase a bear as a gift, you can select one of several ‘gift’ bears. They have a "get well soon" section that features a "bear MD", a "nurse bear", and a "bedtime bear" each comes complete with stuffing and an outfit and your choice of sounds, slippers, etc.

I absolutely LOVE the convenience of being able to choose an animal and its accessories online instead of having to go to the mall!

Where to buy: Ted E. Makers

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