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Stikins – Easy to use labels

by Alicia in Organization

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"Mommy, I lost my coat".. I’m sure you’ve heard that around this time every year. Winter is here, kids wear their coat to school, but they don’t necessarily come home wearing them. Your child’s $60 winter coat ends up at the local Salvation Army because it was in the lost and found pile too long.

Enter Stikins. Stikins are the ultimate labels for children’s clothing, bottles, snack cups, toothbrushes, and many more items that your child takes with them to school or sleep overs.

Stikins labels are personalized with your child’s name, are self-adhesive and very easy to apply. The labels come in three variations. One is specifically for applying to clothing tags. The label has four bars that wrap around the tag to provide a secure attachment to the tag. The second is for applying to shoes or larger items such as books, backpacks, etc. The third size is very small and can be applied to a toothbrush, rulers, combs and other small items.

Here comes the best part..(dramatic music playing)..Stikins stay on in the washer and dryer! Yes, you read it right!  How great is that?

A package of 60 Stikins labels in all three sizes costs $24.95.

Where to buy: Stikins

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