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Onesie and Nursing Curtain from Mommy’s Little Monkey

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Unfortunately, Madelyn is not interested in nursing these days but while I was nursing I used a nursing curtain from Mommy’s Little Monkey which alleviated a lot of stress, believe it or not. When I would take the kids to my mother’s house and she would have visitors, the Mommy’s Little Monkey nursing curtain was a life saver. Not only did it cover my ‘goods’ while Madelyn nursed but I felt somewhat stylish at the same time. Mommy’s Little Monkey nursing curtains are available in over 20 patterns and you can choose a lined or unlined version depending on your climate and whether you get hot while nursing or maybe you are cold natured. This option is not readily available with other nursing curtains I’ve seen.  The lined version has an attached burp cloth which I think is awesome as Madelyn was a big "spitter upper" when she was in her younger months.  The Mommy’s Little Helper nursing curtain can also be used as a stroller shade which comes in really handy!

Mommy’s Little Monkey didn’t dare leave the little one’s out of the loop. They have a super cute line
of baby clothes and accessories too! Parents can choose from a simple white onesie with the cute Mommy’s Little Monkey logo on it, or an adorable pink or blue camoflauge onesie. Stock up for the winter with their long sleeve onesies and for the warmer months with their short sleeve onesies and baby tee’s. Baby can even sport a cute Mommy’s Little Monkey bib!

Enjoy your visit to Mommy’s Little Monkey and don’t forget to purchase an extra onesie or bib for a friends baby as these are a great gift!

Where to buy: Mommy’s Little Monkey

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