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Lulla Bed Story Blanket

by Alicia on January 12, 2007 in Age 3-5, Age 5-7, Age 7-10, Ages 10-13, Bedtime, Nursery & Room Decor

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I never dreamed something like this would be on the market. It is so neat!  Lulla Bed came up with a great idea to create kids comforters that actually light up and play sounds related to the comforter’s theme. Sebastian’s Lulla Bed Story Blanket is the Space theme and plays really cool space sounds. The lights are bright enough for Sebastian to see when the lights are off but not too bright to keep him awake.   Lulla Bed Story Blankets are  not only great for bedtime but for play time also!  Sebastian loves to build a fort with his Lulla Bed Story Blanketl, push the light and sounds button and read books, or play with toys. It’s like the ultimate fort. I would have loved to have had a light up and sound making blanket when I was young.

The Story Blanket  is a duvet cover and comforter with 133 miniature LED’s. The comforter plays a themed soundtrack while the duvet cover softly bubbles with light.  The sound can be played in two ways. There is a two minute light and sound show for storytime or playtime and a one minute fading light show for sleepy time.

What’s really cool about Lulla Beds is that they make co-ordinating pillows, pillow shams, and bed skirts so your child’s bed will have a complete theme.

Choose from a Space theme, a Princess theme, a Heroes theme, and a Kitty theme.

Oh, and there is one more very important product sold at the Lulla Bed website… It is a "Bed Effects Light". You know how years ago, you would see cars with ‘glowing’ lights under them? That’s what this does to your child’s bed!  It is really neat! Your child will no longer be afraid of ‘monsters under the bed’ when they have a Lulla Beds Bed Effects Light.

Where to buy: Lulla Beds

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juggernaut_ May 9, 2009 at 6:37 pm

Wow, this sounds really cool. The older kids are really going be jealous.


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