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Diaper Baggies

by Alicia in Age 0-1 year, Age 1-3, Diaper Bags

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Diaper Baggies are a wonderful thing. There have been two times in the last few months (before I got diaper baggies) that I could have really used these. One time was when we were arriving at a restaurant and Madelyn pooped right when we pulled into the parking lot. The only garbage can available at the restaurant was right outside the front door and I thought it would be really rude to share Madelyn’s stinky diaper with the nice people coming and going so I had to leave the diaper in the car. Needless to say, when we got back in the car, none of us were eager to get back in the car after dinner.

Diaper Baggies are basically a really durable bag with a zip closure to keep the smell in. My mother really appreciates that.

Here’s a true story: We were at my mom’s house a couple of weekends ago and I left the kids with her for an hour or so, so I could do some shopping. When I came back, we hung around for a while then went home around 8:30. I don’t know about you but when I get home, I take the diaper bag and put it in the same spot and don’t touch it until I go out again. Well..while my mom was watching the kids she changed Madelyn’s poopy diaper. She doesn’t like poopy diapers in her garbage so she put it in a grocery bag and then in my diaper bag. Oh my gosh!!! Did I have a surprise the next day when I reached in to get my wallet out! Oh, it stank! Who puts a poopy diaper in a grocery bag?  We all know they don’t close well and certainly don’t keep the smell out.  My gripe was that she could have at least told me she put a poopy diaper in my diaper bag. So.. my plan from now on is to give her a few Diaper Baggies so that doesn’t happen again.

Diaper Baggies are durable. They don’t tear easily.  I had Sebastian tug and pull on one Diaper Baggie and nothing came of it.

Diaper Baggies are large enough to hold a diaper and several wipes.

Diaper Baggies are colorful. Moms can choose from two cute designs; a flower or a giraffe.

Diaper Baggies are also a great way to store soiled clothing.

A package of Diaper Baggies comes with 40 bags so you will have enough to last you for a while. Best of all, one package is less than $6!

Visit Diaper Baggies to learn more, get free samples or buy a package today!

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