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Busy Babe Organizer

by Alicia in Organization

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The Busy Babe book is one of the most exceptional organization tools I’ve seen.  I’m not kidding.

The Busy Babe book includes tabs for each month of the year. The first page of each tab is a calendar for that month with enough room to write events and apointments in each box. Then you will find one page for every day of the month that includes the following areas:

1. To do list
2. Food tracker
3. Apointments
4. Today’s buzz (things baby did, etc)
5. Tonight’s dinner
6. Sleep tracker
7. Pattern tracker (poopie diapers, medications, etc)

I know you are thinking you will have to write so small that you won’t be able to read what you wrote later, but I promise you that there is plenty of room in each section to write all the important stuff your baby did that day! 

The Busy Babe book also includes several ‘templates’ that Mom can fill out such as a "Shape Up" page where you can set exercise goals, and a "Staring Solids" page where you can track when your baby started eating which solids and what her reaction was. There are lots of pages where you can note your baby’s doctors apointments too. These are great!

The Busy Babe book is great to leave with the babysitter or nanny. Have her fill out the current day’s page so when you come home in the evening, you know exactly what your baby did and when without having to ask.

The Busy Babe book is durable with a thick water-proof front and back cover and is spiral bound for easy page turning. That is a major plus!

Your Busy Babe book will even have a photo of your baby printed on the cover. Simply send a digital photo and whalah, there it is! How cute!

This is a great gift for expecting parents and new parents alike. I highly recommend the Busy Babe book!

Where to buy: Busy Babe

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