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You won’t believe what I did this weekend!  I made baby food!!

I always thought it would be such a hassle to make baby food, but I was totally wrong. With Fresh Baby’s So Easy Baby Food Kit, it was a breeze, really.
The kit comes with a DVD which I watched first. The DVD shows you how to make a couple of different foods from start to finish so I went into the situation feeling comfortable.
The kit also comes with what is called a cworkbook (cookbook and workbook). The cworkbook explains when to start introducing certain foods, the nutrients in foods, how much of each food to buy for a recipe and more. The recipes are amazingly simple and easy to follow.

So, I went to Whole Foods bought some sweet potato’s and got to it!
The prep time was about 10 minutes. I cleaned and cut the sweet potato’s into small squares, added a little water, microwaved them for 10 minutes, then pureed them until they reached a good consitancy for Madelyn. You add water as you feel necessary. Each recipe comes with ‘extras’ such as cinamon that you can add at the appropriate age range which is listed next to the ‘extra’.
After I pureed the sweet potato’s I used a spoon to scoop them into the 2 freezer trays that came in the kit. Then I put the trays in the freezer overnight. Sunday morning, I took them out of the freezer and emptied the sweet potato cubes into Ziploc freezer bags for later consumption.

Sunday afternoon Madelyn told me that she sure would like some sweet potato’s (in her silent voice) so I took one sweet potato cube out of the freezer bag, microwaved it for about 20 seconds then fed her the YUMMY sweet potato’s. She loved them!  I was so excited that she was eating something that I made.  Besides breastmilk, I thought she would be lucky to ingest anything that I make from scratch.  🙂

Where to buy: Fresh Baby

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