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We’ve all seen shopping cart covers right? I have seen tons over the years.. but I haven’t seen or used one as plush and stylish as the Kangaroodle Shopping Cart Cover.  Your baby will not have access to a tiny bit of shopping cart surface that may be harboring germs (I’m a germaphone.. as Sebastian says it) when you use the Kangaroodle Shopping Cart Cover. This shopping cart cover extends far enough over the edges of the cart that even the most curious baby won’t get to feel or see the shiny metal or plastic cart surfaces.

When we are at Target or Whole Foods (about the only two places we go these days), at least 2 or 3 moms and grandmothers will stop and let me know how cute they think the shopping cart cover is!

On with the fun stuff!  The Kangaroodle Shopping Cart Cover is beautifully made.  It includes 2 loop attachments so you can attach your baby’s favorite toys and she will be well entertained.  There are also 2 inside pockets that will hold a bottle, sippy cup, or other toys for easy and quick access during your shopping trip.  The seat belt is very sturdy and goes all the way around the back of the cart seat for added safety and protection.  I love that the leg holes are large as they make for easier ‘loading’ and ‘unloading’ of the baby once she is wearing shoes.

I highly recommend purchasing the Kangaroodle Shopping Cart Cover for yourself and your mom friends!

Where to buy: Kangaroodle

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